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Ivy Gourd

ivy gourd

Ivy gourd may support as a Nutrition for the following medical condtions :

World’s one of the fastest creeper is Ivy Gourd. Ivy gourd regarded as very invasive can grow up to four inches per day. It grows in dense blankets, shading other plants from sunlight and highjacking nutrients. It is sometimes tolerated along garden fences and other outdoor features because of its attractive white flowers. It is very difficult to control this plant physically except by bagging fruits. It has ANTIHISTAMINIC property. Compounds in the plant inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase which is one of the key liver enzymes involved in regulating sugar metabolism.Ultimate hair loss prevention and for hair growth is achieved only by taking Ivy gourd fruit and leaves regularly. In some parts of India it is believed that offering Ivy gourd to lord vishnu and consuming on every wednesday will heal all eye and skin disorders.