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Bottle Gourd

bottle gourd

Bottle Gourd may support as a Nutrition for the following medical condtions :

Calabash plant produces thinner-walled fruit that, when dried, would not endure the rigors of use on long journeys as a water container. This contributes the name Bottle Gourd. It has ANTI-BILIOUS property. In parts of India, the dried, unpunctured gourd is used as a float to learn swimming in rural areas. Calabash is used in many string instruments in India as a resonator. Instruments that look like guitars are made of wood, but they can have a calabash resonator at the end of the strings table called toomba. In traditional medicine it is believed that consuming Bottle gourd will increase the breathe withholding capacity and in regular intake will imporve deep abdomen breathing which acts as an antiaging process. Simple Bottle Gourd simplifies more complicated health issues.