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Ash Gourd


Ash Gourd may support as a Nutrition for the following medical condtions:

Ash gourd is also called wax gourd. Plants secrete waxes into and on the surface of their cuticles as a way to control evaporation, wettability and hydration. Ash gourd is actually a fruit but is referred to as a vegetable because it is cooked and eaten as a vegetable. It has ANTI-SEPTIC property. It has the highest prana or life force that helps in making meditation practice more effective. In India, Individuals, hang a Ash gourd in front of the house / business places to negate the Negative energy. Ash-gourd is offered to the gods in religious ceremonies. It is also considered to be effective in warding off evil spirits and the evil eye. Potent Ash gourd has both spiritual and enormous medical benefits.